Sworn and legalised translations

Require a sworn translation or legalisation of an official document? We’d be delighted to assist!


How does it work?


It’s extremely straightforward:

  • You send us a scan or photo of the document that requires translation (via info@verlingua.be or the contact form). You don’t need to supply the original document.
  • Amélie, Deborah or Jana provide you with a non-committal price quotation & concrete delivery date within 3 working hours.
  • You send an email confirming that we can commence work on the translation.
  • We commence work on the translation within 24 hours of your confirmation.
  • We send the completed translation to your email address.
    • Everything can be arranged from the comfort of your own home or office!
    • Prefer to visit us in person? Then please don’t hesitate to make an appointment!

Our efficient process enables you to swiftly proceed with any other administrative steps!


The price is calculated according to word count: so, you never pay a penny more than necessary!


All translations undergo a meticulous revision process. This ensures that the entire text has been 100% accurately interpreted from the source document.


Thanks to our rigorous follow-up, we remain available for questions and comments, both during and after your project.


In 2019, we succeeded in meeting 99,62% of all our deadlines!

In 2020, we intend doing even better!


Sworn OR legalised translations – what’s the difference?


Sworn translations display the signature and stamp of a translator who has been authorised to translate official documents by the Court of First Instance.


Legalised translations bear a stamp from the Court of First Instance in addition to the translator’s signature.


In other words:

  • Sworn translation = translator’s signature + stamp
  • Legalisation = translator’s signature + court stamp

A sworn translation will suffice in the majority cases. However, an additional court legalisation is occasionally required. We therefore recommend checking with the relevant authority as to which version you require.


Thanks once again for your speedy translation.

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