Translation Memories

Translation Memories

In our branche, working with and sharing translation memories is very important! They make sure we can translate efficiently, use all the correct words consistently and use the translations in different formats. 

So please, don't forget to send us your translation memories regularly, e.g. after completing a big assignment or when sending your invoice. 





In MemoQ Project Home, you can click 'Translation Memories' in the left menu. There, you select the TM that  you want to export and click on 'Export to TMX'. 
This video explains you exactly how you can export your TM. 

Do you work with Trados? Then you can find good instructions on this video.



At which moment do you have to send the TM to us? 

After finishing a big assignment or, in case of recurrent customers, once a month (e.g. together with your invoice).


Why do we ask this? 

More and more customers ask us to share our Translation Memorie with them, or they expect more consistency in the translation. 

For most customers, we try to stick to one translator. If you are the nr. 1 translator for a specific customer, and you have shared your TM's regularly, you can go on a leave for a couple of weeks, with no need to worry about losing the customer because of 'bad' or 'inconsistent' translations.


Teamwork makes the dream work ;).