Sworn and legalised translations

Require a sworn translation or legalisation of an official document? We’d be delighted to assist!



How does it work?


It’s extremely straightforward:

  • You send us a scan or photo of the document that requires translation (via info@verlingua.be or the contact form). You don’t need to supply the original document.
  • Our team provides you with a non-committal price quotation & concrete delivery date within 3 working hours.
  • You send an email confirming that we can commence work on the translation.
  • We start your translation within 24 hours of your confirmation.
  • We send the legalised translation by email by the agreed deadline. This digital document (PDF) is provided with an electronic signature by the sworn translator; see the new regulation regarding electronic legalisations.*
    • No need to make an appointment!
    • If you’d nevertheless like to come along, you can make an appointment.


The price is calculated according to word count: so, you never pay a penny more than necessary!


Which languages?


We are happy to help you with all languages!


Fast delivery guaranteed!


In 2023, we succeeded in meeting 99,21% of all our deadlines!

In 2024, we intend to do even better!



Documents intended for use abroad


Once translated, certain documents intended for use abroad require additional legalisation by the FPS Foreign Affairs.


We can submit your request electronically to the FPS, meaning you don’t need to go to Brussels. 


Just like before, you can still make a physical appointment yourself with the FPS Foreign Affairs (with a paper version we send to you by post). In that case, be sure to consult the FPS’s website for opening times and payment information.


*This procedure is valid from 1/12/2022. This new procedure is described in Article 555/11, §4, third paragraph of the Judicial Code on legalising the signature of sworn translators or interpreters.
The use of the official stamp, which used to be distributed by the Department of Justice, is being replaced with the digital signature (based on eID) in a PDF file. A physical validation – electronic legalisation printed out and provided with a signature by the translator – is still also possible at the recipient’s request.


All translations up to 30/11/2022 inclusive are still provided with the old stamp, also stating the date 30/11/222. These translations can of course still be used after 30/11/2022.


Thanks once again for your speedy translation.

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