What do we expect from our translators?

At Verlingua we do our utmost to provide our clients with accurate, high-quality translations. Of course, we would not be able to do this without our team of excellent and enthusiastic translators, who pay meticulous attention to detail!


What are the minimum requirements to be part of our team? What is our baseline?


  1. Respect the deadline
  2. Terminology: style is subjective, but...
    1. What is not subjective?
      • names, numbers, names of organisations, acronyms, abbreviations, expressions, layout, etc.
      • company-specific terminology
        • Consult sufficient sources (at the very least, the client’s website) and add them in the comments.
        • Include alternatives if you have doubts or want to make a suggestion to our client.
    2. When in doubt, ask our project manager. Do not improvise.
  3. If our project manager/client asks you to work with a translation memory, pass it on to us when you deliver the translation.
  4. Return the translation in the same format as the original file (IDML, INDD, PPT, …). Please also respect the lay out of the original file.

Bear in mind that we - or our client - may have further questions after you have completed the translation. So stay available.

The more input or sources you include in the comments, the smaller the chance that we will need to contact you afterwards.

In case of doubt, questions or exceptional circumstances => communicate immediately, not after the deadline.


Completely in line with expectations. Thanks again for your excellent service.

Quality Seekers