Frequently asked questions


What do we translate?

Our translation agency strives to provide flawless translations for every type of text and language. We work with translators from around the globe, each with their own specific expertise. This ranges from newsletters, advertising content, legal documents, general terms and conditions and contracts to the sworn or legalised translation of diplomas, marriage certificates and birth certificates etc.

We match each document to the most suitable translator, ensuring you receive a result that you’re 100% satisfied with!



Which languages do we translate in?

Verlingua collaborates with translators from all over the world. We can consequently provide translations in an extremely wide range of language combinations! Indeed, you can depend on Verlingua for high-quality translations in the following languages:

Dutch, English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, African, Albanian, Arabic, Bulgarian, Hungarian, Polish, Croatian, Danish, Swedish, Finnish, Romanian, Russian, Slovak, Turkish, Czech, Chinese, Japanese, Ukrainian, Korean and Vietnamese.



Which formats can we work with?

Avoid wasted time due to endless copy and paste exercises; the Verlingua team can deliver your translation in almost any format, from simple Word or Excel documents, to complex PDFs via InDesign files (IDML, INDD) and WordPress websites.



How quickly will you receive your translation?

The duration of a translation depends on the complexity and word count of the text. However, we commence all translations within 24 hours of receiving your confirmation. And we additionally guarantee that we’ll translate approximately 1500 words per day.



What does a translation cost?

The price of your translation is determined by the word count, language combination, and complexity of the content. Send us your documents and we’ll ensure that you receive a price quotation for your translation within three hours. Regularly require the translation of small texts (such as Facebook campaign content)? Then you’ll be pleased to hear that we don’t charge a minimum fee ;-)



You want to have a document translated. How do you get the ball rolling?

In order to obtain a price quotation, we recommend submitting your document(s) directly via email, specifying the target language and whether you require a standard, sworn or legalised translation. The price is determined based on word count: this enables us to communicate a definitive, non-committal price quotation.


If you’re unable to supply the document in the form of a computer file, then you can alternatively submit a scan or photo containing legible text.


We’ll furnish you with a price quotation and deadline within three working hours of supplying this information.

If you give our proposal the go-ahead, we’ll send you the invoice and our translators will set straight to work!



What is a sworn or legalised translation and what do you require?

A sworn or legalised translation is often required for the translation of official documents. It provides the document recipient with an assurance that the content of the translation is correct.

Sworn translations display the signature and stamp of a translator who has been authorised to translate official documents by the Court of First Instance.

Legalised translations also bear a stamp from the Court of First Instance in addition to the translator’s signature.

A sworn translation will suffice in the majority cases. However, an additional court legalisation is occasionally required. We therefore recommend checking with the relevant authority as to which version you require.



How and in which format will you receive your (sworn or legalised) translation?

We send standard translations via email. If you require a sworn or legalised translation, then we’ll send your documents by post.

If you want 100% certainty of receiving your documents on time, then we can also arrange for a double legalisation. In this case, your document will be printed twice and both versions will receive a stamp from the court. The documents will subsequently be posted in separate post boxes, guaranteeing a more accurate and timely delivery by Bpost.

You can of course always make an appointment to come and collect your document from our office in the Westwing Park in Roeselare.

Language trainings

In which languages do we provide language training?

Verlingua boasts a team of professional language trainers who specialise in Dutch, French, German, English and Spanish.



What does our language training entail?

We can deliver our language classes either at the Verlingua office in Roeselare or on-site at your company premises.

We select a language trainer who is most suited to your current level and requirements. We provide a wide range of lessons, from beginners’ classes to advanced training courses. You choose the day & time on which your language training takes place! Our classes are never dull and avoid following a prescribed course. Verlingua language training is both challenging and fun, and invariably geared towards the specific scenarios in which you’re most likely to encounter the chosen language. We always devise a program that’s 100% tailored to your level and expectations! So, regardless of whether you wish to engage in daily small talk with your foreign-speaking colleagues or compile professional, error-free emails to your international clients, Verlingua is happy to assist! Give us a call and we’ll gladly pop by to discuss your requirements.



How much does language training cost?

You determine your own budget! The cost of language training depends on the number of class hours and the teacher’s travel costs.

Interested in language training? Then feel free to contact us via our contact form or send an email to info@verlingua.be. We’d be delighted to compile a bespoke training package that’s fully tailored to your budget and requirements!